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    Potentate's January/February Message

    Boy has the time gone by in a hurry! Thanksgiving dinners have gone to our waistlines. Christmas presents have been unwrapped and exchanged for the correct size/color or you already had one just like it still in the package from last year. However, you probably ate the box of candy when your spouse wasn’t looking.

    Your Potentate and his lady have had the most wonderful time at the numerous club and unit parties. We thank you all for your hospitality and warm welcomes at every event.

    Janice and I have enjoyed this year so much that it will be hard to leave the position of Potentate. It has been a good year filled with fun and rewarding events with our fellow Shriners and Shrine ladies. Yes, I say Shrine ladies because you have been active and supportive all year long. Without you we would not have the success we enjoy.

    A special thanks to all who helped in our inaugural FezWalk and those who participated. This was a new event for Sesostris with net funds going to Camp Achieve in Minnesota. Camp Achieve is a special summer camp for Shrine patients with limb deficiencies. It is my hope that this event that will continue for many years and will grow even larger!

    Not all duties of the Potentate are enjoyable. Sadly this year, I have watched over two dozen nobles called by the black camel. In addition, I was forced to suspend 46 nobles from our membership rolls because of non-payment of dues. This was not an easy decision, but what choice do we have when notices are sent out numerous times and no response is received?

    On the positive side, we have initiated 24 new nobles in 2017. When you see these nobles and their ladies, make them feel welcome. Please invite them to come to your club or unit meeting. Get to know them and introduce them to others in your group.

    Again, it is difficult to say goodbye to the position of Potentate, but we will be around working with our fellow Shriners and ladies to keep Sesostris successful in the future. My hope is that everyone will support Ole and Lynn the way you have supported Janice and me. May God bless each and every one of you as we go down the road helping our Shrine Kids. Keep rolling into the future!

    Es Saleem Aleikum

    (Peace be with you)

    Keith & Janice Will

    Potentate 2017




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    Potentate Elect's Message

    As I sit to write this message for the January FEZtivities I feel a little presumptuous as elections have not yet taken place. Also, there is a feeling of humility that I will be Potentate of an organization that was first introduced to me by my Grandpa Ole Nelson in the early 1950’s. Then, joining Sesostris Shrine in 1976, we discovered not only a group of people that believed in having fun, but also had a great philanthropy of helping kids.

    Sesostris Shrine has proven to be filled with men and women devoted to the cause of helping children. While doing this, members have kept sight of the purpose of having fun that the original organizers of the Shrine envisioned. Little did the first Shriners know how many kids and families they were about to help. With that in mind, Lady Lynn and I propose to the nobility and ladies of Sesostris that we would spend 2018 working "Hand in Hand, Having Fun and Helping Families." The "Helping Families" comes from what we have observed in helping children really helps the quality of life for entire families.

    We have seen the nobility of Sesostris continually step up to share their talents in support of the Shrine and our cause. Long-standing members have shared their knowledge of the traditions of the Shrine to keep alive what we stand for. Newer members have brought ideas for new events and new units to share with the temple to expand our ability for continued fun and support of our philanthropy.

    For 2018, we will have a Divan that brings together long-standing members and newer Shriners to share combined ideas in the Sesostris boardroom. The elective Divan for this year will consist of Chief Rabban, Richard Eggerling; Assistant Rabban, Dan Johnson; High Priest & Prophet, Jerry Pigsley; Oriental Guide, Dale Brambila; Treasurer, Henry Schultz and Recorder, Bill Cummins. The appointive Divan will be First Ceremonial Master, Merv Moeller; Second Ceremonial Master, Bob Kruse; Marshal, Todd Tinnean; Director General, Mike Berger; Captain of the Guard, Don Schleining; Outer Guard, Pete Kruse and Chaplain, Ed Bennett. I believe that the diversity of this group and the Masonic values they possess make up an excellent board.

    The office staff of Sesostris has been very supportive during my time on the Divan and needs to be commended for their work throughout 2017. Thanks goes out to Joan Sinkule who retired mid-year, Mary Ann Townsend and the newest member, Antonia Tang. Also, we would like to acknowledge that Bob Nootz has been invaluable with his management of all of the diverse ventures of the Shrine. We are looking forward to working "Hand in Hand, Having Fun Helping Families" with the staff, nobility, and ladies of Sesostris during 2018.

    A Message FromYour 2018 Potentate-Elect

    Ole Friesen

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  • 73rd Annual Shrine Circus

    Link to Lancaster Event Center

    2018 Circus Worker Sign up

    2018 Circus Poster

    Performances Wednesday thru Sunday

    March 7th Through March 11th.


    Performance Times

    Wednesday 7:00pm

    Thursday 12:30pm and 7:00pm

    Friday 12:30pm and 7:00pm

    Saturday 10:00am  2:00pm and 7:00pm

    Sunday 12:30pm and 5:00pm


    Lancaster Event Center. - 84th and Havelock

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  • Rainbow of Hope Nomination

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  • Potentate's Ball

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  • Husker Football Trip

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