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Potentate's September/October Message

A lot has happened since my last writing to you. A flurry of activities, including several parades, is already in the history book. One of the most enjoyable events for me over the years has been driving through the streets of our small towns and representing Sesostris. It is always so great to see the smiles on the faces of the children as you go past them. Occasionally they look disappointed when you don’t toss any candy out your car. All this while you watch to make sure none of them run in front of you.

The annual Nebraska Shrine Bowl Football game has been played in Kearney. What a great time to watch these young athletes play their last high school level game before going to the collegiate level. And not to forget the fantastic high school band members playing and marching together after only a week of being together. This was followed a week later by the annual Soccer Classic played in Omaha. If you missed any of this, you missed a great time and I highly recommend yo take the time to enjoy these events in 2018.

Our inaugural “FEZWALK” was held on Father’s Day in Holmes Park. With about 100 participants and volunteer workers, we raised $2,858 which was donated to “Camp Achieve” in Minnesota. This is a camp put on by the hospital system for Shrine patients with limb deficiencies. We look forward to having this fundraiser again next year. Come out and enjoy.

July 10 thru the 14th saw your Potentate, Chief Rabban, Assistant Rabban and High Priest and Prophet accompanied by our ladies at the annual Shrine Imperial Session in Daytona Beach, Florida. During the session, fifty items were on the call, discussed and voted on. The item which will have the most effect on Sesostris is as follows. We will no longer use a ballot box to vote on petitions for membership. We will now vote on paper ballot with a simple majority electing the petitioner to go through the rituals to be a Shriner. We will discuss this each of the next couple of times we have the occasion to ballot. By the time you read this we will have had one time using the new method in August.

Another item for all to pay attention to is the new web address to be used for recruitment of new Mason /Shriners. That address is tobeashrinernow.com/referral. Be sure to check this out. After you check it out, USE IT! This is another great tool for us to use as we pursue new members.

Dreams. I had a dream at the start of the year! I had a dream of building a warehouse on our north property. This was to be a garage/warehouse to alleviate the crowded situation in our back area. Not all dreams are to come true! As we have progressed through the year, I have become aware that this may not be the proper time for such an undertaking. We now need to sit down and assess the future looking ahead 10 and 15 years. I want to thank Ill. Sir Mark Kinzie for all his hard work he put in this year drawing up plans for a proposed building. Also thanks to James Eggerling for drawings he came up with such great detail. I have not ditched my dream; only place it on the “back burner”.

Be sure to attend the public presentation regarding South Beltway at the Shrine Center held on Oct. 3rd. This will be presented by the State of Nebraska and an engineering firm. Come out and stay educated on what will affect our property.


Only 7 weeks left to finish selling those raffle tickets for the Sportsman’s Raffle. Remember to tell your prospective buyer that they are not bound to take a gun, the can take a cash amount from Scheels and buy anything else in their store except ammunition. What a deal!

Don’t forget to read the article on “Deadwood” elsewhere in this publication.

Es Saleem Aleikum

(Peace be upon you)

Keith Will

Potentate 2017




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